Advice for Moving Over the Holidays

Moving can be tricky at any time of year, especially between December and January. The holiday season may make the entire relocation process overwhelming.

Here are some of Smith Dray Line’s finest recommendations for juggling Christmas fun and packing for the move.

First and Foremost, Move After Christmas.

Moving during the holidays is the smoothest and easiest shortly after Christmas. If you move during the week following Christmas, you will encounter little to no competition because most people take the week off to spend time with friends and family.

If you’re moving immediately after the holidays, seek a reputable local company to handle the packing and transport! This time of year, it’s probable that your friends and family have crazy schedules. We are happy to help. Call 833-572-0880 to get a free, no-obligation quote. Don’t let moving ruin your holiday fun.

Label Your Boxes

It’s critical to label your boxes every time you move. It is especially crucial around the holidays. Make sure you know where your dinnerware, decorations, and party clothing are by labeling them. Write what’s inside each box, which room it belongs in, and whether it’s fragile.

One advantage of moving during the holidays is that you don’t have to worry about lugging all those Christmas decorations out from the basement or attic. Our team of professionals can do that for you. While we recommend waiting until after Christmas day, that is only sometimes possible. So, please set up your Christmas tree and decor in your new home with the help of our moving team.  

If you take our advice and move right after Christmas, you should go easy on the decorations this year to help with your moving stress.  

Save Your Decorations Till Last.

Keep your curtains, photos, and a dash of décor out to create a warm, seasonal ambiance in your house. Holidays are an important time to spend with family, and staying in the season’s spirit is critical without becoming too engrossed in a packing frenzy.

However, you can limit your holiday decor for the year, making it easier on you when it comes time to move. You may go all out, but this year, only have a simple tree and a few of your favorites. This will ensure you stay calm when it’s time to make that final move. 

Pack Everything You Can Before Christmas Day

Whether you move just before Christmas or after, you should have a game plan to prepare your belongings. This means you must ensure you have boxes and have started packing long before the actual move day. Things you don’t use regularly should be the first order of business. Next, start with another holiday decor and clothing, leaving out enough to get you through and decorations on the walls and shelves.  

If you are moving after Christmas, you should set up your decorations and leave your main family area as it always was for one last time. But the rest of the house needs to get packed. If you are moving before Christmas, carry the holiday decorations and things you’ll need to prepare your holiday meal, or better yet, go to another family member for Christmas dinner. Set up your new home with your tree and everything so that you and your family can enjoy the moment, even if every other room is full of boxes.

Count on Smith Dray Line

Moving during the holidays can initially seem complicated, but staying organized and preparing ahead will get you there.

Labeling your boxes and planning ahead of time will help alleviate the Christmas move stress. 

Just remember not to let stress ruin your holiday attitude because this should be one of the best times of the year!

Our competence and efficiency will provide you with peace of mind and an excellent experience from beginning to end. So enjoy your relocation with Smith Dray Line’s dependable long-distance and local movers, and leave the heavy lifting to us.