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Moving From Charleston? With Smith Dray, You’ll Stress Less!

SmithDray / November 21, 2018

You are counting down to your move.

There are a lot of things that need to get done beforehand. You may have researched or visited your new hometown, but the journey there is still kind of a mystery.

You stand with your hand on your hips looking around the house. Stuff has been pulled out of cabinets and haphazardly placed on every surface. You know you’ll get the packing done, but what happens next?

Smith Dray Line, a Charleston moving company, wants to share a few insights into the moving process. First step, call your mover. This should be done two to three months before your move in order to secure a time slot.

When you choose Smith Dray, you will receive a free in-home estimate for your move. Be sure to show exactly what you want the movers to move for you. This keeps surprises to a minimum for both the mover and your pocketbook.

Next, you can choose additional services you would like to receive. Need storage in Charleston before you move into your new home? We can do that! Maybe you are running out of time to pack or you would like expert movers to pack your breakables. That is an option as well! At Smith Dray Line, our Move Coordinator will work with you to create a moving solution that fits your needs.

When moving day arrives, your movers will show up and put your items in the van. Be sure to keep any items you don’t want moved separate and marked. Also, look out for children or pets. Open doors and heavy objects can be dangerous, so try to keep them away from the traffic.

Once your items reach their destination, our professional movers will unload the truck and can even help with furniture assembly.

We know this is a stressful time for you, so we strive to provide you with the best moving services around. We want you to be able to worry a little less and get excited for the move. You have an exciting journey ahead of you. Enjoy it! Charleston movers, Smith Dray Line, will take care of the logistics for you.

To get your free quote and schedule your free in-home estimate, call us at 866-642-6389 or visit our website!