When it comes to packing, you probably start thinking of all of the items you need to pack.

Your clothes, shoes, furniture….but what you probably don’t think about are the items that you can’t pack. Due to federal regulations there are certain items that your movers cannot transport.

As Asheville movers, we move hundreds of people every year. It is a big process from start to finish and it helps if everyone is on the same page from day one. This is why we try to be as upfront as possible about every part of the move so that there are no surprises come moving day.

When you start to pack, there are a few items you should leave out so you don’t pack.

Hazardous Material

Most of this is pretty self-explanatory. It includes items like weed killer, ammonia, acids, paints, paint thinner, poisons, and lighter fluid. There are a few items you may not think of though including batteries, liquid bleach, nail polish, and nail polish remover.


Produce, indoor plants, opened food items, and temperature controlled food items are also not allowed on the moving truck. This could attract rats, bugs and other vermin. Not only will these food items no longer be edible, but it also could damage the rest of your belongings.

Personal Items/Records

This is more of a suggestion as it varies from mover to mover, but it’s a good idea to keep private records and important documents with you. Not only will you most likely need them later, but it gives you peace of mind knowing that your pictures, jewelry, keys, medicine, etc. are with you and not in the back of a trailer.

While you are placing your items in boxes, be sure to put these items in a separate area. If you have any questions or to get more information about what is not allowed, contact your mover.

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